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We took a critical look at the 2016 candidates' campaign playlists

A silent-film space, a movie theater and a chain restaurant are all things what Hall Theatre has been. Now, the historic building sits vacant in the heart of downtown Columbia

Eight industrious women discuss the challenges and advantages of working in Columbia's business world

The Hallsville innkeeper talks changing careers, rewriting history -- and murder 

Teri "Lyric" Green and Angela "IMANI Truth" Manson rap to their own beat in the hip-hop music industry

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If you're wondering how to impress your friends for the big game, look no further

West Main Pizza opens a location in Columbia after success in Jefferson City

At these bars, knowing random facts pays off

Sweet treats and friendly smiles fill in next to the Tiger Hotel

Local eateries unite to create tasty combos

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so we asked local bibliophiles their top picks

In honor of the mid-season premiere this weekend, we (attempt to) answer some questions you might have 

First impressions of the 2016 True/False lineup from the director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism

Which comic giant will win the superhero movie battle of the year?

Low temperatures don't have to mean frumpy style 


For those of you that haven’t heard, St. Lucia (no, not the island) released a new album last month, and it’s definitely worth the listen 

No matter your Valentine's Day vibe, we've got your music covered

The award-winning bassist and vocalist teamed up with the MU Concert Jazz Band on Thursday to deliver a funk- and R&B-infused performance

We took a critical look at the 2016 candidates' campaign playlists

This week in music: Columbia serves up a triple dose of Midwestern acts


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