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    Meet the meat of Missouri
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    Life as they knew it
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    The Adventures of James and Captain Jim
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    Q&A: A conversation with William Williams
  • Como Smoke and Fire's brisket plate is slow-cooked and pairs well with various sides, such as macaroni and cheese. Photo by Beatriz Costa-Lima
    Best comfort food in Columbia to feed the body and soul
  • Planet Jazz in the studio
    See This: Planet Jazz
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    Vox Jam Time: The Sunshine Mamas and Dave & Dyno


Bookmobile, Jr. at Bear Creek
September 1, 2015 4:00 pm

TYPE: For Kids
COST: Free
LOCATION: Elleta Boulevard, Bear Creek Neighborhood

MU Study Abroad Fair
September 2, 2015 11:00 am

Déjà Vu presents Doug Benson
September 2, 2015 8:00 pm

Baby, Oh, Baby
September 3, 2015 9:30 am

Drop-in Apple Help
September 3, 2015 10:00 am

News & Insight

When you are on Mizzou's campus, you can send snaps with Mizzou-themed filters, such as the one above. Photo by Madison Alcedo

Get ready to see a new side of Mizzou on Snapchat via MizzouSnaps

Mizzou debuts Snapchat account just in time for a new year and a new syllabus week

Photo by Cody Lohse/Missourian

Welcome to the future, may I take your order?

Scientists are cookin' up bacon in test tubes

How the 2012 drought is affecting beef prices today

The average price of beef has jumped from $3.89 per pound in 2009 to $6.11 per pound in 2015

Vox Q&A with Clay Smith

Dedicated Missouri football tailgater lights up the grill week after week

Bringing home the bacon: stories from a butcher

Local processor Bill Crane carved up a meaty career

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Food & Drink

Photo by Ben Kothe

Six canned craft beers for your next outdoor adventure

Sometimes sports drinks just don't cut it. Enjoy one of these delicious craft brews on your next trip without the hassle of glass bottles

Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

How ‘Food Inc.’ started a documentary revolution

Robert Kenner's 2008 flick 'Food Inc.' changed the game for food-focused docs

Farm to table and back again

Walker Claridge's sheep are pasture-raised and Broadway Brewery bound

Butcher shop talk

Learn the lingo of your protein

What’s in your hot dog?

Where's the beef (franks)?

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Jana Kramer at 5 Towers on Universal Citywalk. Photo by JustinHiguchi/Flickr

Jana Kramer concert recap: There is only one Tree Hill

While the rest of the cast reunited in Canada this week, Jana Kramer graced the stage at The Blue Note

Five couples who made us ready for the summer of breakups to be over

Ben and Jen couldn't make it work. It leads us to beg the question: Is love even real?!

See This: Planet Jazz

Planet Jazz blends seemingly unrelated music types, such as reggae, swing and Cajun, to create a distinctive sound

Vox Jam Time: The Sunshine Mamas and Dave & Dyno

Allen Fennewald to brings together musical talent from in and around Columbia to introduce them to new audiences

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