Vox staff spring break 2013

Volunteering for children, swimming with sting rays and visiting Ludacris’ stomping grounds.

Check, check, check.

The Vox staff is doing some pretty interesting and wild stuff for spring break during our week off — never fear, there will still be a March 28 issue while we’re away. Because we love you just that much. You’re welcome.

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As you can see, we’re venturing to all corners of the U.S. and then some, and there are a few particularly noteworthy excursions among our staff:

Chilliest: Scranton, Penn.

Brr, it’s cold up there.

Online editor Alexandra Antonacci is going to her home sweet home to relax for her week off. Do you think she’s traveling via plane, train or ruby red slippers?

There’s no place like you-know-where…

Many of our staffers are feeling a little like Dorothy this break. Photo: IMDb

Most cliché: Panama City Beach, Fla.

Do you hear that? It’s frat stars chanting “PCB! PCB! PCB!”

Reporter Claire Cole is a brave soul. But hey, it’s college, and #YOLO, right?


Most self-destructive: South Padre Island, Texas

If there’s one thing Vox‘s three redheaded editors know, it’s that beaches are probably the least enticing option for a relaxing week. As far as we’re concerned, the scene department editor Katie Wall has completely lost it.

Yes. THREE of 14 Vox editors are gingers. That ratio is unheard of.

Imagine, if you will, a week full of sunscreen-greased skin, no matter how much you shower, inevitably missing spots and ending up with awkward streaks and handprints and still getting the crap burnt out of your skin.

Malin Akerman suffered from some seriously painful sunburns in The Heartbreak Kid. Ouch. Photo: IMDb

Katie, there’s still time to change your mind. Do it for you. Do it for gingers everywhere.

Most likely to die in a freak accident: Caribbean cruise & swimming with sting rays

We can’t help but be a little concerned about sting rays after the too-soon death of the late, great Steve Irwin, may he rest in peace.

And didn’t a Carnival cruise recently, you know, go up in flames? Literally?

But designer Carra Hansen doesn’t seem fazed, though we can’t say we blame her; she is going on a cruise with her BF for seven days in the Grand Cayman Islands, Belize, Roatán and Cozumel. Must be nice…

Most selfless trips: Alternative Spring Break Charleston, Chicago and Tampa

A few of our staffers are foregoing self-serving spring breaks in order to travel with Alternative Spring Break and volunteer in the interest of others.

Last year, Mizzou Alternative Spring Break sent out a whole mess of trips, including this one to a therapeutic riding center in Nashville, Tenn. Photo courtesy of Kristin Reimler.

Good job, books webbie Taylor Weatherby (Charleston), scene department staffers Natalie Rooney and Lauren Quick (Chicago), and reporter Natalie Maggiore (Tampa). We can get behind making the world a better place one vacation at a time.

Plus, Natalie Maggiore gets to volunteer at a big cat animal shelter. WITH TIGERS.

MIZ-ZOU. Forever. (Jon Hamm knows.)

Most anticlimatic: CoMo

Nothing beats a week of student-free Columbia. Townies, unite!

Music editor Jonas Weir, books editor Rachel Kiser and news and insight editor Lauren Page are all cozying up in the good ol’ Co of Mo for the week.

Take this opportunity to walk on campus without being plowed over by a skateboarder or biker. Enjoy it.

Other sweet trips:
Las Vegas; Atlanta; San Diego; Gulf Shores, Ala.; Seattle; a smattering of places in Florida

Talk back:
What are you doing for spring break?