YouTube Watch: YouTube Series

While YouTube is home to many unique channels that feature a single person and their creative content, there are some channels that produce a scripted series. These channels often incorporate other YouTubers who all come together to create a mini-series that is uploaded weekly, not unlike their TV counterpart. Here is a list of 4 YouTube series that you should catch up on:

1. Dorm Life

Dorm Life is a mockumentary series that follows the freshman year in college for the the students in 5 South. The series started in 2008, and it only has two seasons, which is just unacceptable because the series is hilarious. Follow the trials and tribulations of the freshmen in 5 South, and watch them deal with adjusting to college. And because there are only two seasons, there is no excuse for you to not spend your weekend watching this show.

2. Hot Girls

Hot girls they have problems, too. This mockumentary series follows rich girl Ariel and her friend Jasmine on their reality show that they got after appearing on a popular episode of Teen Cribz. They navigate the world of wealth and luxury, while running into some characters, such as Ricky Bobby, along the way. The two YouTubers LisaNova and Kassem G pair up to make this hilarious and outlandish comedy series, which lasted for two seasons.

3. The Most Popular Girls in School

This stop motion series features Barbie dolls whose main goal is to rule Overland Park High School. This series pits the two main popular cliques against each other in bathroom territory disputes and the race for prom queen in the first 13-episode season. The second season just started in March, and right off the bat there is some pregnancy drama. The series combines over-the-top humor and exaggerated situations to remind you of how seriously you shouldn’t actually take high school, and why being the most popular girl in school is really more trouble than it’s worth. Just don’t tell that to the Barbies in the show.

4. MyMusic

MyMusic follows the employees of a record label, and the antics they get up to while trying to sign clients and run a business. Each employee is nicknamed for their musical preference, with characters sporting names such as Indie, Scene, Idol and Dubstep. And then there is Intern 2, who hasn’t chosen his signature musical taste yet. This series is stacked with veteran YouTubers, such as Jacks Films, Daily Grace, Boxxy and many others. Watch all 35 episodes and hope and pray for a second season as soon as you have stayed up all night watching this series.

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