Top 5 drinks in CoMo to sip on this summer

Columbia is preparing to get hot this summer. Cool down with these seasonal cocktails.

It’s getting warmer and warmer by the day, and that means soon it will be time to cool down with some of CoMo’s best beverages. Here’s a list of five drinks you shouldn’t miss this summer.

1. Günter Hans — Homemade Sangria: Infused with fresh fruit, including oranges, lemons and limes, mixed with Chambord (a blackberry liqueur from France), it is a fresh summertime delight.

“I personally think the addition of Chambord and the fresh fruit is what does it for me,” owner Lydia Melton says.

2. 11Eleven — Arnold Pama: In-house iced tea mixed with vodka and pomegranate liqueur topped off with homemade lemonade is 11Eleven’s rendition of the famous iced tea and lemonade cocktail.

3. Broadway Brewery — Bloody Brew: Known for their craft beers, this Bloody Mary is  standard fare but with a splash of the brewery’s American pale ale, which their hoppiest brew.

4. Bleu — Rosemary Lemonade: The restaurant’s homemade lemonade is spiced up with blueberry vodka, blueberry simple syrup, fresh rosemary (of course) and a splash of Riesling.

5. The Roof — Columbia Mule: Combine spiced pear liquor, Jim Beam, raspberry Chambord, house made sour mix and ginger beer, et voila! The Columbia Mule is an “easy-sipping, porch weather kind of cocktail,” Damien Cooke, head bartender for The Roof and 11Eleven, says.

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(Photo on homepage: Courtesy of Flickr)