A jaunt through Art in the Park

Behold Columbia's art fair, showcasing dozens of local and national artists in idyllic Stephens Lake Park

This year marks the 56th iteration of Columbia, Mo.’s, annual Art in the Park extravaganza, or — to use the typical parlance of professional football — Art in the Park LVI. Undeterred by the gloomy weather, throngs of art lovers came out to Stephens Lake Park to take in sights, sounds and smells. Your intrepid correspondent ventured to the park and returned bearing these snapshots:

IMG_0558And you thought art was the only thing for sale in the park! From this view, the event was nearly obscured by an abundance of delectable herbs.


One of these things is not like the other . . . Which is not a sculpture?


Artists weren’t the only ones showcasing their talents at Art in the Park. The Boone County Hams cured my hunger for the sweet harmonies of a barbershop quartet.


Could this be the next Cow Parade?


Juggling on stilts sure raises the stakes. Fortunately, this gal had some eager helpers.


A young chap enjoys a moment of tranquility on a fake rock.


A painting by Yoram Gal. And yes, that does appear to be Steve Jobs prancing beneath Eve’s bosom.


Emissaries from Mid-Missouri Woodcarvers were on hand to discuss the finer points of whittlin’.


Observe as a stick becomes a staff before your eyes.


Now, that’s what I call art. Or just another messy day at the hot dog stand . . .


This man can turn a darling young lady into an outlandish cartoon in approximately five minutes flat.


The tents of Art in the Park viewed from across Stephens lake. In the late afternoon, the foul weather cleared and the sun stopped by to take a peek at the artwork.

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