Anti-paparazzi activism

Fame is all fun and games until some street creeper snaps one too many photos. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield model one way out.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield fans just got another reason to love the duo even more. The two recently made celebrity-news headlines again for anticipating paparazzi stakeouts and taking the chance to turn a fishbowl moment into charity promotion.

Paparazzi photos show Stone and Garfield holding small hand-lettered signs in front of their faces, deflecting attention to organizations such as Autism Speaks and Worldwide Orphans (WWO). Their efforts have already made a difference, at least for one boy with autism who decided to hold up his own sign.

Not every star has been so savvy or altruistic when dealing with the boisterous crush of leeching cameras — the stories of aggravated celebrities lashing out seem endless. Some celebrity parents have emotionally lobbied for laws protecting their children from especially aggressive paparazzi. But while most of us in Columbia, won’t have to deal with the paparazzi, here are some workarounds for those of you who are budding stars headed to the coasts:

Preemptively sell photos of your kids. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took some flack for doing this when their twins were born, but they reasoned that if someone was going to make money off photos of their kids, they might as well take that money and channel it to charity.

Don’t attract attention by talking about your personal life. Or at least that’s what Scarlett Johansson says. Sure, Scarlett. Whatever.

Stay inside. This supposedly works for Ashley Olsen. But her other reason sounds more legitimate: She says she’s lived in New York for long enough that she’s more of a local than an attention-grabbing celebrity.

Book your own flight. Well, if you’ve got the money, you might as well. And Kanye West certainly has the money.

Turn to technology. There’s a patent for a handy little gadget that somehow reflects a flash back to its camera and leaves the photo washed out. It’s not the first of it’s kind but, if it becomes a reality, it could be a great toy for celebrity kids to use. Parents could even devise a reward system: “Good job, Suri, you got 12 photographers today! You’re only eight away from a Net-a-Porter shopping spree with Mom!”

When all else fails: Put a paper bag over your head. Shoot silly string at paparazzi. Better yet, move away from hotspots such as New York or L.A. Maybe to, say, the middle of Missouri.