“Platinum” refers to Miranda Lambert’s hair and records

. . . and reminds ladies that her husband, Blake, is taken.

The brains behind The Pink Pistol in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, is known for her love of dogs, beer and her Texas roots.

Oh, and she can sing a mean tune, too.

She’s Miranda Lambert, the ass-kicking country star whose singles “Gunpowder & Lead” and “The House that Built Me” help pave the contemporary country canon. Although she built her own career, she’s also known for her marriage to fellow superstar and The Voice coach Blake Shelton.

Lambert’s latest album, Platinum, contains her usual fare: tongue-in-cheek commentary on timeless topics (“Automatic,” “Gravity Is a B**ch”), self-esteem insight (“Bathroom Sink”) and country stereotypes (“Babies Makin’ Babies,” “Smokin’ and Drinkin’” with Little Big Town and “Somethin’ Bad” with Carrie Underwood).

But we’re obsessed with celebrities’ personal lives, and Lambert sounds both confident and exasperated when she sings about hers. “Holding On to You” is a sweet, balladic affirmation that nothing — not even the thrill of being on stage — matches moments with her husband.

Screenshot 2014-06-15 16.40.27

“Platinum” veers into the first-person assertiveness of Nicki Minaj or Fergie without really being pretentious. (“Somethin’ ‘bout platinum, irrefutably, looks as good on records as it does on me.”)

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But the best People-magazine lyrics come in “Priscilla,” where Lambert begs Priscilla Presley for advice about living as “Queen of the King.”

The Queen herself listened to the song, although she didn’t say much by way of advice:

Screenshot 2014-06-15 00.57.48

But maybe the song will serve Lambert by telling ladies to take note: Blake Shelton is not up for grabs.

In his own tweets, Shelton encourages fan adoration while remaining a doting and promoting husband:

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Screenshot 2014-06-15 00.53.32

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The takeaway from this is that Miranda Lambert can be anything she wants (singer, entrepreneur, horse-show winner, wife) with a superhuman ability to fit several careers into one life. Blake Shelton, don’t pull an Elvis!