Ryan Ferguson is desperate to be on the cover of Men’s Health

He's using his "Freed Ryan Ferguson" Facebook page to ask for votes in the magazine's cover contest.

The latest on the Ryan Ferguson front comes from a Facebook update.

His “Freed Ryan Ferguson” page has linked to a Men’s Health contest to find the cover model for the November issue. Here’s the criteria, according to the contest’s webpage:

“This guy is physically fit, confident, stylish, career driven and a pillar of his community.”

Naturally, Ryan entered himself into the competition. He announced his entry on his Facebook page on June 10, saying that winning the contest could be one of his life’s dreams. That post how has more than 3,500 likes and 619 shares.

Ryan says he will use the platform of the contest to raise awareness and continue to educate people on the issue of wrongful conviction. We like definitely the idea of that and wish him the best of luck in those endeavors, but we have to admit — seeing his message paired alongside “best pec” tips might be a little strange.

But, you know, a national platform is never a bad thing.

Here’s some of the reasons why he thinks he should win, according to his entry page:

  • I love getting fit and healthy because it aids in my life goal to experience the most out of this journey by leaving nothing on the table!
  • I entered the prison system a skinny teenager who knew very little about health and fitness. I used much of my wrongful incarceration educating myself on physical health, so that I may survive. 
  • Growing my body also helped keep my mind sane during this very difficult period of life.
  • Living a third of my life unjustly locked away from friends and family inside of a tiny cage has made me redefine my take on “success.” To me, success comes from within.

Of course, he also mentioned his forthcoming book: “As a free man I will continue grow and overcome challenges as I did with my fitness book that Penguin will soon publish!”

Another FB update on June 14 said Ryan was ranked in 10th place in the contest. Not bad, Ryan, not bad.

If you’d like to vote for Ryan, go to his entry page here to do so.

Ryan sure has been posting a lot of photos of himself looking buff in Florida to the page lately.

Photo: Facebook, Freed Ryan Ferguson

Photo: Facebook, Freed Ryan Ferguson

There is also a video that focuses on him completing a tough Spartan Race.

And, of course, who can forget the shirtless Christmas video of his father, Bill, and him thanking his supporters that was published shortly after he was released from prison?

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