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The news you missed during your busy week

Soccer puns and political jargon make headlines sing, but action outside those arenas might give you more to talk about. Here’s the rundown of last week’s digital buzz:


A little more than 100 years after it began, Father’s Day took over Sunday’s social media feeds. What actually drove people to publicly divulge their I-love-my-Dad stories is unclear, but everyone online waded through countless Dad vignettes, Dad memories and Dad-approved gift options. Yet, as the weekend’s uptick in grilling ads haunted American dad stereotypes, the Twitterverse’s sentimental stream of thoughts captured the fatherly love felt around the country. It turns out spatulas and pork rubs aren’t what most dads are remembered for.

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This will be the first and last time I ignore a worldwide sporting event for its fashion sibling. While soccer fans were gearing up for their countries’ World Cup watch parties, teams were making their Brazilian debuts. And though many headlined this week for wins and loses, none got as much play as team Italia, who arrived at the tournament in matching three-piece Dolce & Gabanna suits. No team needs to spend thousands to achieve a designer in-flight wrinkle — but look how pretty.

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Back when Avril Lavigne was phasing cargo pants out of the punk scene, My Chemical Romance dawned as skinny jean-wearing rockers whose collection of hair dyes mocked both convention and attraction. Unfortunately, if you thought the band’s breakup in 2013 was frontman Gerard Way’s last hurrah, then you were mistaken. The singer released his first solo song “Action Cat” on Wednesday, and tweeting fans reminded us, yet again, that his hair color is more notable than his music.

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Virginia republican Eric Cantor lost his primary to Tea Party opponent David Brat on Tuesday. Thought to be the next in line for Speaker of the House, Cantor’s fall was unexpected considering his personal profile: He’s powerful, conservative and has a decent amount of cash. It turns out he didn’t take the loss well, either. On Wednesday, he announced his intent to resign as House Majority Leader. There’s no news yet on how political analysts will recover from such extensive Hurricane Eric damage.

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Ms. Frizzle had magical education on lock before Harry Potter even opened his Hogwarts letter. Circa 1994, she took her science class, and millions of cable-deprived kids, on everything from galactic field trips to human-vein diving. Now, Netflix wants to bring the show back. The company announced Wednesday that it’s working on a CGI version of the beloved children’s series, so it’s safe to say that binge watching is about to get schooled.

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