Top five trending hashtags

The news you missed during your busy week.

Forget the stars — sometimes the biggest trend is on the sidelines. If you’re a sports fan, a music fanatic or a health junkie, this week was all about you. And how were you feeling? Well, read up, and you’ll find out. Here’s what your cohorts will want you to know about your respective fandoms for the week ahead:


Now, you too can sell politically incorrect football gear. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington NFL team’s trademark registration Wednesday on the grounds that its name, “Redskins,” is “disparaging to Native Americans.” Although the ruling doesn’t force a name change, it limits the team’s legal protections against bootleg merchandise. That’s a heavy monetary blow for owner Dan Snyder, who has no intention of changing the team’s name. Of course, what he really needed in the aftermath of the decision was community support, so tweeters came to his aid: They offered up team name suggestions to replace the disenfranchised one. The Washington Monuments? We call that democracy in action.

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Jeremy Meeks was your average felon: He’d served a prison term for grand theft and was being charged with possession of illegal weapons by a national gang task force. Then, his mug shot went viral. The picture of the blue-eyed 30-year-old garnered nearly 50,000 “likes” and 14,700 Facebook comments less than 48 hours after his Wednesday arrest. And the blush-worthy comments posted beneath the photo only quelled when the love affair met a logistical roadblock: Meeks’ marriage is, apparently, a deal breaker. So, Friday, while the Twitterverse rebounded from matrimonial heartbreak, images of other attractive-but-could-probably-kill-you convicts made their social media rounds. Props for putting yourself out there, folks.

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Cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz, who hosts Oprah spinoff and health advice talk show “The Dr. Oz Show,” appeared before the Senate’s consumer protection panel Tuesday. Questing his cure-all weight loss methods, Chairman Claire McCaskill told Oz to axe the advertising in light of a 2012 show that promoted green coffee extract as a “magic” weight-loss cure. Although Oz says he truly believes in the promoted research, McCaskill says his claim that the beans could help people lose up to 17 pounds encourages “false hope.” Perhaps “ignorant hope” would be a more accurate word choice — because quick-fix dieting scams continue to be a verifiable cause of willful blindness to America’s obesity epidemic.

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You know that speech your parents give when they hate the person you’re dating? Incorporate those words into the tweets of 15-year-old fangirls, and you might understand the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez romance. The young celebrities, who have dated off and on since 2010, spent the week together, much to the dismay of Bieber-lovers everywhere. But instead of responding with waves of resentment, unhappy fans spent Sunday issuing tropes of disappointed-but-we-still-love-you commentary. It’s OK, Biebs, they love and respect you — just not your choices or your privacy.

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Suddenly, America likes soccer — or that’s the overused joke about the World Cup at least. After this week’s win against Ghana, support for the U.S. team skyrocketed. But the standard #WorldCup trend wasn’t enough to sustain newly interested fans, so they issued a replacement just for patriotic yanks. The full-sentence hashtag isn’t just a great example of bandwagon support, though. It’s visual representation of America’s favorite pastime: winning in the face of adversity. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann doesn’t think the team can get past the first game? This is Miracle, Remember the Titans, Rudy and The Blind Side all over again.

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