Columbia Art League exhibits homegrown show

"Bountiful Boone," now on display at the Columbia Art League, includes work created in or inspired by Boone County.

Saturday was a hot, bustling night, and the reception for the “Bountiful Boone” exhibit at the Columbia Art League was packed with chatty swarms of art-appreciators and art-creators, snacking and talking to the backdrop of jazzy live music. The art, all inspired by Boone County or created in Boone County or by Boone County residents — or some combination of the three — represented a cross-section of media and styles: paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, mixed media, a quilt and more. Drop by to see the art, on display until Aug. 21. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of a few of the featured artists and their work:


Emily Phaup, “Little Miss Piggies” (third place)

Phaup: “Basically my art program at my high school (Rock Bridge, where Phaup recently graduated) has been phenomenal. I did not know I could do anything like what I’m doing before that program … My whole concentration’s kind of about looking at things closer.”

Me: “What are some of your favorite details that you’ve found?”

Phaup: “The mud in my piece in this one is really cool. I put a lot of different colors in that which I would not have thought to put in mud.”


Kathryn Mitter, “Bare trees”

Mitter’s husband, Rick Burch: “Can I brag? In St. Louis, she worked for many years for Concordia Publishing House as one of their artists, and she did many children’s books.”

Mitter: “I do the painting on the side, and my real job is illustrating children’s books.”

Burch: “And our daughter (Ellen Burch) is very talented, as well … And so the talent runs in the family, that side of the family.”


Randy McDermit, “This Dagger”

McDermit: “At some point, I was watching a documentary on Shakespeare, and they were talking about MacBeth.”

Me: “What else are the main influences of your work?”

McDermit: “I’m probably more influenced by the need for color … My sketches are fairly simple, and then they just grow, out of control sometimes.”

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