Top five trending hashtags

The news you missed during your busy week.

This week Americans made Bruce Springsteen proud. From posts to shining tweets, we represented our independence on all platforms. Of course, things happened in other countries, too, but patriotism often outshines real news. Here are the trends you might have missed during your firework festivities:


Freedom means finding innovative ways to misspell “America.” With Saturday’s Fourth of July celebrations came our nation’s annual tradition of patriotic showboating. But none of that pride was more trendworthy than the buzzed interpretation of the country’s nickname. The hashtag garnered imaginative tweets only citizens determined to meet the spelling’s seven-A quota could have created. Pictures of Abraham Lincoln astride a black bear, camouflage-bedecked Four Lokos and Photoshopped bald eagles made the holiday exactly what our forefather’s intended: A good example of what happens when the majority of the population binge day-drinks domestics.

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On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby, a Christianity-based craft store, did not have to provide contraception with its employees’ health insurance, a direct challenge to Obamacare stipulations. The decision is the first time a for-profit institution has been exempted from a law for religious reasons, and the country noticed the distinction. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby went viral, followed closely by justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent, which noted the slight women felt under the ruling. Corporation’s rights over women’s? That sounds like an HR disaster waiting to happen.

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The U.S. played Belgium in the World Cup on Tuesday. And though the yanks lost 2-1, American goalkeeper Tim Howard gained esteem for his impressive saves. He nabbed 16 of 18 shots, the most in half a century of Cup matches. So, naturally, when the game ended, tweeters welcomed him home with inspired meme appreciation. Cutouts of Howard stopping asteroids, rescuing the Lion King’s Mufasa and blocking Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction made the glorified feed.

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While the rest of the world was rampant with soccer euphoria this week, Brits had already moved on. The country’s name switched from football to fandom June 20, when Costa Rica knocked their national team out of the World Cup. The loss was timely, really, because England had visitors: Wimbledon, Tour de France and Silverstone 50 packed their schedule. The U.S. ignored the majority of the island nation’s skyrocketing social calendar, however. Thanks to July 4, hosting world-renowned athletes is just another tea party Americans don’t have to attend.

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Sometimes fangirls’ tweets are like car crashes: You see them happening and know they’re going to be bad, but you just can’t look away. When One Direction drummer Ashton Irwin’s birthday began trending this week, the buzz in social media spheres was all about the big 2-0. Irwin officially nixes his teen-idol status Monday, a momentous move that fans are tracking with the time zones. Yes, that means they’re vigorously tweeting out his teens from Australia’s daybreak (It has already happened there, apparently) to Western sunrises. Although the birthday has no legal significance in the aforementioned countries, there’s something to be said for youngsters who value both addition and geography.

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