Top five trending hashtags

The news you missed during your busy week.

What’s better than a well-rounded week of sports, books, music and fashion culture? One that takes that news viral. This week had a little something for everyone, and social media noticed. Here’s a look at some of the top topics straight from your tweetdecks:


Brazil played Germany in the World Cup semifinals Tuesday, and the final score left many fans blushing. The Germans pulled off an impressive 7-1 win, which equals four years of Brazilian nation shaming in soccer years. But while the nation’s fans mourned their football fall, reporters reveled in morning-after headlines. Quips such as “Das booted” and “Gracias muchachos” graced newspaper fronts, reminding readers that letdowns and shutouts are the sports equivalent of creative outlets.

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Just when Hogwarts tweets were starting to die down, J.K. Rowling released a new short story on her Pottermore website that brought about a boy wizard resurgence. Her tale quickly spread through social media spheres, leaving two dueling hashtags in its wake. #HarryPotterisBack took on #HarryPotterNeverLeft for a face off reminiscent of Harry’s horcrux fiasco. Can the Chosen One really return? Of course not. His story lives in all of us. Always.

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It turns out its harder to trend when no one can spell your name. But thanks to her new song’s autocorrect-friendly hashtag, Colbie Caillat/Calait/Cailat garnered some buzz this week. The singer released her new EP “Gypsy Heart” on Wednesday, and included a Photoshop-free “Try” music video in that mix. She’s not the first celebrity to support the au-naturale movement, but that doesn’t make the choice any less awesome. Telling women they don’t have to act sexy to be valuable? Maybe Robin Thicke should hire her songwriter.

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There are clothes, and then there’s couture. Chanel revealed its new haute couture line Tuesday, complete with feather infusions, mohawked models and glitzy gowns. And though lines like these often miss the mainstream mark, designer Karl Lagerfeld’s “modernity with baroque elements” turned out to be refreshingly wearable. Well, wearable in a budget-free, money-actually-grows-on-tress world, that is. Let’s be real — I’m wearing Old Navy flip-flops as I write this.

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ESPN released its annual body issue this week, and with its newsstand presence millions of readers self-consciously switched their Starbucks orders to skinny equivalents. The new mag features some America’s finest athletes in the buff for a spread that’s more stunning than risqué. And popular names such as Venus Williams and Michael Phelps add borderline-Grecian grace to the issue’s pages. Well played, ESPN, well played.

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