Drink This: Swedish Delight

Gunter Hans’ new cocktail has foreign flavor with a memorable taste

Nonchalantly licking a fruity ice pop seems a little juvenile, but swapping the frozen treat for an alcoholic imitation might be the perfect grown-up alternative to waiting for the ice cream truck.

If you’re looking for a sip down memory lane, Günter Hans now has a tangy flashback for the over-21 crowd. Swedish Delight is the newest addition to the downtown café’s cocktail selection, and drinkers have nicknamed it the “Dreamsicle” after its orange creamsicle flavor.

Known for its waffle savvy, Günter Hans shows its bartending expertise by mixing orange juice with heaps of heavy cream, which creates a classic frozen-pop taste. They top off the blend with flavored Swedish vodka Svedka to give the drink the mature touch it needs.

“It’s so smooth,” owner Lydia Melton says. “You don’t even realize you’re drinking vodka. That’s a good and a bad thing at the same time. It’s easy to sit on the patio and just drink.”

The restaurant considered multiple names before debuting the drink in early August but decided to dub the drink Swedish Delight, a nod to the origins of the alcohol’s brand. Even after the name stuck, however, the drink’s evocative taste earned its informal moniker.

“It tastes like the summer of your youth,” Melton says.