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*=New release


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*If I stay (PG-13)
One moment can impact a lifetime. After a fatal car crash, Mia Hall goes from deciding between Julliard and her love, Adam, to choosing life or death while in a coma for one brutally long day that will change everything. (F,R) 57% RUNTIME=1:46

*Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (R)
If you’re into comic-book lore and gore, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s second big-screen installment is sure to please. Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis and JGL are among the ruffians who are destined to brawl. (F,R) RUNTIME=1:42

*When the Game Stands Tall (PG)
High school football coach Bob Ladouceur’s 151-game winning streak is legendary and a true story. When the streak goes south and tragedy occurs, Coach Lad teach his players and the whole town about grace and humility. (F,R) RUNTIME=1:55

The Expendables 3 (PG-13)
Huge guns, explosions and big-name actors dominate this plot. Barney battles Conrad Stonebanks, The Expendables’ cofounder-turned-arms-trader who is hellbent on taking his former gang down. (F,R) 35% RUNTIME=2:06

The Giver (PG-13)
Turns out Jeff Bridges is the wisest of them all, at least in Jonas’ (Brenton Thwaites) world where Bridges is better known as The Giver. Jonas learns the hard way that ignorance is bliss. (F,R) 31% RUNTIME=1:40

Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13)
Peter Quill and his intergalactic posse are the subjects of a manhunt, — er, alienhunt — after stealing a sought-after orb. Ronan will stop at nothing to get it, but a tree man, raccoon, green woman and destroyer are Quill’s best bet. (F,R) VVVVV 92% RUNTIME=2:01

The Hundred-Foot Journey (PG)
Competition is supposed to be healthy, but not the way Helen Mirren does it. She tries ruin the nearby (100 feet, duh) Indian restaurant but finds a protégé instead. (R) VVV 66% RUNTIME=2:02

Into the Storm (PG-13)
There are always those people who run into danger and those that run away (the smart ones). This is the story told by the danger chasers from the eye of the storm and the lens of the camera. (R) 21% RUNTIME=1:2

Let’s Be Cops (R)
Two costume-partygoers find themselves too deep into the badge, even though it’s faux and probably plastic. Can these bros prove themselves as heroes in hiding (literally, in costumes)? (F,R) 12% RUNTIME=1:49

Lucy (R)
Lucy is a genius, well at least now that her brain works at 100 percent, which is 90 percent above averate. She definitely turned the tables on her attackers, who wanted to use her as a simple drug mule. Dumbasses. (R) VVVV 94% RUNTIME=1:45

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG-13)
T-U-R-T-L-E power will help the four ninjas fight Shredder and his Foot Clan. April O’Neil and Splinter, their human-sized rodent leader, can probably take some of credit, too. (F,R) 20% RUNTIME=2:00


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*Boyhood (R)
Twelve years might seem like a long time, especially to make a movie. Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke and Ellar Coltrane worked for more than a decade on this coming-of-age film about a young boy. VVVVV 99% RUNTIME=2:45

Magic in the Moonlight (R)
Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) is a clairvoyant. Magician Stanley Crawford (Colin Firth) is determined to debunk her claims. But she’ll prove herself in more ways than one, and abracadabra it might just be love. 49% RUNTIME=1:40

A Most Wanted Man (R)
Hamburg is apparently a hot spot for terrorism. Phillip Seymour Hoffman (in his last role) is the leader of a crew that is so secret that even the Germans don’t know about. But when an illegal immigrant shows up with a claim to millions, the CIA and Germans get involved. VVVV 90% RUNTIME=2:01