Review: Jamba Juice is healthy and tasty

Columbia's new smoothie joint is the best of both worlds

Photo Aug 28, 3 29 38 PM

Jamba Juice is now open in Columbia (on 10th and Elm). So with all the excited talk I’ve heard of its arrival, I had to swing by and try something. I decided to try the Strawberry Whirl, a combination of strawberry, apple and banana. I’ve had smoothies before, but never Jamba Juice, so I was expecting the sweet sugariness you get from typical smoothies.

This wasn’t the case. It tasted sweet, but sweet from real fruit. It was refreshing and didn’t make me feel gross afterwards. I then looked up Jamba Juice and saw that they use all real fruit in their smoothies, and that they are non-dairy, vegan and full of antioxidants.

As a graduate student who eats terribly most days, I was impressed by this. Finally, there’s a healthy option that still satisfies my sweet tooth.

Have you been to Jamba Juice yet, and what do you think of it, if so?