SECraft Beer Festival comes to Logboat Brewing Co. Aug. 23

Learn how your favorite SECraft beers compare to Columbia's craft favorites.


Beer. Enough said, right? On Aug. 23, 13 breweries from all over the Southeast will descend on Columbia for the SECraft Beer Festival at Logboat Brewing Company. Light and dark. Filtered and unfiltered. Fermented and barrel-aged. To help your palate find its place during the fest, International Tap House general manager Jon Whitaker has paired the incoming brews with Columbia craft beer regulars.

SECraft Beer Festival
COST: $49-95
LOCATIONLogboat Brewing Company, 504 Fay Street
Saturday, Aug. 23, 1-9 p.m.


Visiting brew Where it comes from Columbia pairing Bartender says
Arkansas Farmhouse Ale Saddlebock Brewery, Springdale, Ark. The brewers say they’ve captured Arkansas’ unique flavor in the Arkansas Farmhouse Ale by infusing the state’s rice and grits in the brew.

Delirium Tremens

They’re both a bit fruity. Delirium Tremens is a golden Belgian ale, so Arkansas Farmhouse Ale will be on the sweet side.

Nocturn Chrysalis

Jester King Brewery, Austin, Texas. Seated in Texas Hill Country, the brewery prides itself on brews that reflect its region. Nocturn Chyrsalis, for instance, is made of blackberries fermented in oak barrels.

Boulevard Love Child No. 4

Love Child No. 4 is a sour beer that’s aged in wine barrels. It has notes of berry, and the barrels give it a dry oak taste.

Cocodrie Tripel IPA

Bayou Teche Brewing, Arnaudville, La. Brewmaster and brewery president Karlos Knott started brewing to create beers to complement his favorite Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Duvel Tripel Hop

Duvel Tripel Hop is going to be really dry. Cocodrie has generous amounts of Pilsner malt, and Duvel is basically a Pilsner at heart. It definitely has a noticeable hop characteristic.

Knickerbocker Red Ale

Blue Pants Brewery, Madison, Ala. First come the pants, and then come the knickers, apparently. Knickerbocker Red was the brewery’s inaugural beer. It has a rich and malty balance with an American hoppy taste.

Rogue Dead Guy

No matter what style you like, Dead Guy is probably going to fit your tastes. It’s got a ton of body but is very balanced.

Total Eclipse Stout

Blue Ridge Brewing Co., Greenville, S.C. Blue Ridge nabbed some English hops for its dark stout to help give drinkers a little spring in their steps. It mixes notes of cherry, leather and vanilla.

Summit Oatmeal Stout

Total Eclipse Stout should be pretty creamy and a little on the sweet side. Summit Oatmeal Stout is the same way, but it’s a little more on the chocolate-y side.

Take 2 Pils

SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta, Ga. SweetWater is the love child of Freddy Bensch and Kevin McNerney, college roommates who took their love of beer to the taps.

Radeberger Pilsner

Take 2 Pils should be pretty hoppy. Radeberger is a slightly more bitter Pilsner.

West Sixth Amber

West Sixth, Lexington, Ky. West Sixth brewers nicknamed their amber the “deliberation beer” because it’s easy to drink more than one without much, you know, deliberation.

Piney River Brewing Co.’s McKinney Eddy Amber Ale

Ambers are really basic, balanced, super easy-drinking beers. They’re something you can have a couple of and not overwhelm your tastebuds or your stomach.

Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, Kiln, Miss. Lazy Magnolia claims that their Southern Pecan is the first beer in the world to use whole pecans. Take a sip of history.

Bur Oak Brewing Company’s Boone County Brown

Bur Oak is a local brewery and has only been open for about two months. There aren’t nuts in this, but the beer has a very distinguished nuttiness to it.

Southern Light Blonde Ale

Mississippi Brewing Company, Gulfport, Miss. Mississippi Brewing could become the first brewery in Gulfport ­— it just needs stop brewing one barrel at a time. Supply and demand are in a flux.

Hofbräu Original

Southern Light should taste more like a lager. Descriptions show hints of apple, which is really close to what Hofbräu does.

Saison Athene

Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, Tarpon Springs, Fla. Like Belgian ales? Try Saint Somewhere, because that’s all you’re going to get. Really, because that’s the only style they brew. Their Saison Athene has wild yeast and hints of rosemary and black pepper.

Goose Island Sofie

(Goose Island Sofie) has a little bit of tartness from that wild yeast, which is makes it pretty easy to pair them together.

Black Betty, India Black Ale

Fat Bottom Brewing, Nashville, Tenn. Brewmaster Ben Bredesen started as a home-brewer for almost 10 years before taking his mad skills to the brewing business.

Stone Sublimely Self Righteous

(Stone Sublimely) is a black IPA. Black IPAs are going to be very bitter. That’s going to be something that’s really close to the Black Betty.

He Ain’t Heffe, Hefewiezen

Straight to Ale, Huntsville, Ala. A little banana here, a little clove there… Add a few hops and you’ve got the foundation to Straight to Ale’s Hefewiezen.

Weinerstephaner Hefewiezen

Hefewiezen is an unfiltered wheat. It’s going to be very cloudy, kind of like a murky yellow.