Welcome to The Hair Issue

Things you never knew you wanted to know about hair.

W hat do you want to know about hair? We’ve got hairdos and hair don’ts. We’ve got beehives and bobs, mullets and mustaches. Want to know why hair turns gray? We’ve got an answer. Want to know the history of body shaving? First off, that’s kind of a weird thing to ask. Second, we wanted to know the same thing. So, don’t be afraid to get curious. We’ve got you covered in The Hair Issue.

By Sophia Conforti, Rachel Swinney, Dominique Feldman, Dani Vanderboegh and Beth Castle. Illustrations by Lauren Elliott and Leah Beane.

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We’ve got your hair answers
Troy Polamalu

The long and short of it

The strange but true

Tracing recent hair history

From merkins to manscaping


Tales of the tresses

The stories behind the ‘dos