The Strain: Episode 4 recap

The virus is on the verge of becoming an epidemic, and Setrakian is the only one able to halt it, courtesy of a large sword and an eerie chant. The episode picks up in the basement of the hospital where Goodweather and Martinez perform an impromptu autopsy on Redfern’s body. (Kent records the examination.) They not only find gray organs and a shriveled heart but that the body is developing an entirely new circulatory system and set of organs. Goodweather realizes the virus is reproducing to consume the original body.

After the autopsy, Kent caves and confesses he gave the van, which held the coffin, clearance to exit the airport. He says a guy named Greg Nelson bribed him to do it; he somehow knew his wife Sylvia was dying his cancer. Medical treatments have left Kent broke, but Goodweather doesn’t seem to have much sympathy. He punches Kent in the face before leaving the hospital in search of other victims.

One of the victims, Ansel, continues to get worse, so his wife drops their kids off at their aunt’s house. When she returns, she finds a blood trail leading to their backyard shed. Their family dog is dead on the ground, and Ansel has chained himself to their shed so he doesn’t hurt anyone. He tells her the voices in his head want him to rip out her throat and drink her blood. She runs outside and locks him in the shed.

Gus and an old friend reunite at his house for breakfast. After the landlord harasses his mother about rent, they rob a car and sell it for $800. Gus also returns a clock his brother stole from Setrakian’s pawn shop, and it’s safe to assume this will not be their last interaction.

Palmer and Eichorst meet with a hacker and ask if she could shut down the Internet. She says she’s the only one who can make the Internet slower than dial-up, but she wants recognition and money in exchange. They agree, and even social media is subject to their scheme.

Later, Palmer meets with Margaret, the secretary of health and human services, and tells her the government actually took the bodies because a biological agent used in warfare was accidently released. Before he can explain what he wants from her, he faints. Doctors rush into Stoneheart Group headquarters to prepare him for a liver transplant.

When Goodweather and Martinez go to the little girl from the airplane’s home they’re almost killed, but Setrakian massacres the girl and her father before the new vampires can cut out their throats. What happens fascinates Goodweather, but Martinez is less than impressed. She becomes upset and refuses to participate in any more killings. At this point, Setrakian and Goodweather are the only one’s preventing the Master and Eichorst’s plan from being flawless