The Strain: Episode 5 recap

Heads have begun to roll.

Gabriel Bolivar doesn’t make it to his next concert. Instead, he attacks the neurologist his manager sent him to examine. His manager sees Bolivar mid-assault, panics and then flees into the city where she calls someone to cover up the doctor’s death. When the man arrives to cover up the evidence, Bolivar bombards him, too.

While eating breakfast, Abraham Setrakian and Ephron Goodweather discuss their next steps. Goodweather plans to videotape the next Flight 753 passenger’s violent behaviors to show the CDC in hopes that they order a quarantine of all the passengers and their families. Goodweather and Setrakian go to Ansel’s house where his wife has hung herself. They hear noises from the shed in the backyard, and Setrakian and Goodweather decapitate Ansel and his neighbor’s heads before burning the bodies to kill the virus.

Afterwards, Goodweather takes the footage he collected to the CDC, but Barnes refuses to acknowledge the virus is an epidemic. Once Barnes leaves the room, Kent hints that Barnes is in trouble regardless and helps him sneak out of the building.

Setrakian flashes back to 1944 when he was sent to a labor camp in Poland during the Holocaust. The flashbacks explain Setrakian’s hate for Eichorst: he was a guard at the camp and it seems like he helped the Master murder Jews in the barracks at night.

Nora Martinez visits her mom in an assisted living facility. Her mom, showing signs of dementia, recently wandered out of the facility and into a nearby coffee shop to order a martini. A staff member warns Martinez that if she does it again, they’ll have to kick her out. During Martinez’s visit, her mom continually begs to go home. Their discussion is interrupted when a vampire forces its way into the hallway and Martinez and her mother have to run into the streets.

Vasiliy Fet follows the rats into the New York sewer. Unfortunately for him, that’s where the rest of Flight 753 passengers are. He narrowly makes it out of the sewer, but the vampires are well on their way to making it to the city’s streets as well.