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The news you missed during your busy week.

As it often does, film took the spotlight this week. With new releases, castings and, um, rivalries, the movie buzz was one tweet away from being a blockbuster. Here’s what you need to know to be red-carpet ready:


This week, the ministries of health in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia announced widespread Ebola outbreaks in their countries, and soon after, social media speculation began brewing. The highly infectious disease is marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, the culmination of which is often fatal. With American health care workers and Peace Corps volunteers in the aforementioned countries, the immediate assumption of many tweeters was that we, too, are destined for infection. So, while some Americans verified on WebMD that their benign fevers, headaches, sore throats and muscle aches are, in fact, early symptoms of Ebola, others attempted to explain how the disease is actually spread. In case you missed their whispered voices of reason, Ebola is spread through direct contact with infected people and their bodily fluids. And West Africa is across the Atlantic Ocean.

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It has been 47 years since jungle-raised Mowgli embraced Baloo’s bare necessities wisdom, but Disney still won’t let the chimpish child grow up. On Saturday, the company announced that Bill Murray will voice Baloo in a live-action remake of the film. Murray isn’t the first to be cast for the October 2015 movie, but his name is big enough to get social media streams churning. Who can resist a musical that pairs the voice of Garfield with the redundancy of Groundhog Day? No one.

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Marvel likes to keep its place in the headlines. After breaking more news at Comic-Con last week that CNN does in its 24-hour newscast, the company’s Guardians of the Galaxy launch was nothing less than impressive. The film broke the record earnings for an August debut with an estimated $94 million in box office sales. And though the movie’s promotional poster looks like a satire of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia, the tale of pilot Peter Quill and his groupies resonated online.

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Stephen Colbert put the “dad” in “dad jokes” on Tuesday. Sporting a somewhat out-of-character cool, Colbert responded to four questions from young women about life, love and social dilemmas in a video for Rookie magazine. And with that, the comedian struck a heartwarming chord with vloggers and video watchers alike. In the 10-minute vid, he wrangles tough topics such as misogyny and parental (mis)guidance with an eloquent ease. It turns out well-reasoned responses to women’s issues are exactly what young women are looking for. Imagine that.

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We love a good brawl, and this week, that’s exactly what we got. Actor Orlando Bloom punched singer Justin Bieber on Wednesday for what unverifiable sources and speculative media outlets say was an out-of-line remark about Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. But whether that’s true is unimportant. That it happened at all was enough to aggregate a few thousand tweets about the now blood feud between the pair. And thankfully, to provide feed-scrolling smart phone users with a new batch of Legolas memes. Priorities.

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