2 J’s Stuffed Beignets brings New Orleans to Columbia

2 J's Stuffed Beignets from Springfield, Missouri, opened its windows for the first time at Roots N Blues

2 J’s Stuffed Beignets opened their food truck window for the first time today at Roots N Blues N BBQ. I just so happened to be their first customer at today and got the honor of tasting the delicious pocket of pastry stuffed with chicken and fried pineapple before anyone else at the fest.

I am a beignet newbie. I even pronounced it as “ben-yet,” which is extremely embarrassing. The closest I’ve ever been to a beignet is when my friends post pics of their eats during trips to New Orleans. Let me just say, I was blown away. Not only was the beignet itself fluffy and amazing, the “Black & Blue” was stuffed with chicken, fried pineapple, Amish blue cheese and caramelized onions with teriyaki sauce.

The Black & Blue beignet from 2 J's Stuffed Beignets at Roots N Blues N BBQ. Photo by Lydia McAllister

The Black & Blue beignet from 2 J’s Stuffed Beignets at Roots N Blues N BBQ. Photo by Lydia McAllister

2 J’s, based out of Springfield, was set to open last weekend at the Missouri Food Truck Festival, but a fluke incident with the hood vent prevented them from cooking. Roots N Blues is their first festival, and the beignets are already attracting a lot of attention.

“I had the idea to do beignets because of the originality,” Jimmie Milton, owner and cook of 2 J’s says. “That’s what gets you picked in the first place. I’m artsy with food. I want it to be more than hot dogs.” Jimmie has been cooking since he was about 9 or 10 when he cooked for his siblings.

Jimmie says opening a food truck has been a dream of his for the past three years. He and his girlfriend Brittany Swanson got the truck six months ago and began painting it gold.

If you’re in the the market for something new and original, stop by 2 J’s at Roots N Blues this weekend.

Check out what 2 J's has to offer.

See what 2 J’s has to offer at Roots N Blues. Photo by Lydia McAllister