12 creepily creative Halloween makeup ideas

It's time to get festive! Take your costume to the next level with inspiration from Instagram pros

Makeup magic always reaches new heights once October 31 rolls around, and this year is no exception. From sweet and subtle to daunting and daring, these IG-ers have mastered the art of transformation. Take a look:

1. Mermaid | @KaylahAgey

2. Dummy Puppet | @KissMyColor

3. Snapchat Filter | @GettingPretty

4. Cartoon Zombie | @FlateauFacePainting

5. “Koan” Sailor Moon | @MichellePhan

6. Fox | @JillMarieMUA

7. Skeleton | @MakeupByDenise

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8. Marilyn Monroe | @Kris.Giff

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9. Beetlejuice | @ElliMacSSFX

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10. Poison Ivy | @SarahMCGBeauty


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11. Candy Queen | @MakeupByDreigh

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12. Joker | @Lola_Von_Esche

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