The subjects of the film The Interrupters speak to the audience at the True/False Film Fest. Photo courtesy of Tracy Lane

Missing the True/False Film Fest? Well, True/False news isn’t over yet. Earlier this week, the annual True Life Fund distributed more than $15,000 to Chicago CeaseFire’s violence interrupters.

The funds are given to one film’s subjects or filmmakers for achievements in selfless social impact. The film The Interrupters was selected as the recipient this year. The film followed three representatives of Chicago CeaseFire who worked to protect their communities from violence. The film shows the effect of the interrupters’ work on their own lives, as well as onthe youth and families they work with.

According to the press release, CeaseFire plans to share some of the funds with Aim4Peace, a new Kansas City-based organization that has a similar model to CeaseFire.

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One Response to True/False True Life funds distributed

  1. Tracy Lane says:

    To clarify the distribution of these funds, this money goes directly to the subjects of the True Life Film, Chicago Ceasfire’s interrupters themselves, Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams, and Eddie Bocanega. At their request we’ve also contributed a portion of the funds to Aim4Peace, in Kansas City.

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