Cover art courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photograph by Gary James McQueen.

It’s a week heavy on inspiration in the world of books. Quarterback Tim Tebow releases his inspirational memoirs, Andrew Bolton muses about the late fashion icon Alexander McQueen’s muses, and Jon Gordon explains how those of us who aren’t professional athletes or fashion designers can find fulfillment in the drudgery of day-to-day life.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Author: Andrew Bolton
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
List Price: $45, hardcover
Buy it here

Through My Eyes
Author: Tim Tebow
Publisher: Harper
List Price: $26.99, hardcover
Buy it here

The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work
Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: Wiley
List Price: $22.95, hardcover
Buy it here

Dreams of Joy
Author: Lisa See
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
List Price: $26, hardcover
Buy it here

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity
Author: William Paul Young
Publisher: Windblown Media
List Price: $7.99, paperback
Buy it here

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