Looking for some sunny summer sounds? Check out Gardens & Villa, which will release its first full-length album on July 5.

The band, hailing from Santa Barbara, Calif., is starting its career at the perfect time because its beachy, danceable sound positively exudes summertime.

The five-piece “galactic fever” band will release its self-titled debut album with its label Secretly Canadian on July 5, but it released two tracks on a self-titled EP from Cool Summer Records on Jan. 1 to hold listeners over. “Black Hills” and “Orange Blossom” are groovy, upbeat tracks that’ll almost make you feel like you’re in California.

Gardens & Villa will stop by St. Louis on Aug. 5 during their summer tour around the U.S. and parts of Canada, and it will perform in Wichita, Kan., on Aug. 8. Although the band won’t be stopping in Columbia, it might be worth the drive to one of these venues; according to the band’s Facebook page, the members made a pact to play all parts live.

Click here to download “Black Hills” and “Orange Blossom” free.

Photo by David Mount. Courtesy of MOTORMOUTHMEDIA.

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