It’s a big weekend for movie releases, so Vox sent a few reporters out to get the scoop. From hangovers to hobos, here’s a guide to this weekend’s movie reviews:

The Hangover Part II
For reporter Rachel Kiser, the plot of this sequel was a mirror image of the first. However, the wolf pack can still bring laughs, so she gave this film a VVV rating.

Kung Fu Panda 2
This was the weekend of sequels, because Kung Fu panda was back for more, too. Like The Hangover, the Vox reporter Briana Altergott felt the storyline was similar to the first. Similarities aside, she gave the film a VVV rating.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
As a commentary on commercialism and advertising, this movie had Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock on a mission: Find sponsors for his new documentary. According to Vox reviewer Ashley Carman, the film doesn’t make judgment on the advertising industry, but rather it draws attention to its place in society. Carmen gave the film a VVV rating.

Hobo with a Shotgun
The name of the film is fairly self-explanatory: A hobo takes justice in his own hands with a shotgun. It’s a gore fest that reviewer Megan Farokhmanesh gave a VVV rating.

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