Beatniks rejoice.

T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” landed the top spot on the list of top-grossing apps for the iPad over the last couple of weeks, but an app for Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is threatening to take the lead.

A recent New York Times blog explores the details of this new app, which features the full text of the novel, enticing images, Kerouac’s biography, audio clips of Kerouac reading from his drafts, an slideshow of international book covers of On the Road, and a compilation of other Beat authors. Fans of the novel can also re-create Kerouac’s three cross-country road trips by using the app’s interactive map, which is guided by passages from the novel.

The On the Road app can be purchased on iTunes for $12.99 until July 5 and $16.99 after that. The iBookstore allows users to download the newest best-sellers.’s list of top-grossing iPad book apps also include Marvel Comics and DC Comics, perhaps thanks to DC’s recent announcement that it will start re-printing its Universe line of comics with issue one.

Equally popular is the cool The Elements app, which dissects and explores the Periodic Table of Elements in a way that’s likely more entertaining than reading your chemistry textbook.

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