Last night, MTV put on the 28th annual Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. Viewers across the world took to the Twitter-verse using the hashtag #WhatWillGagaWear and #VMA, among others, to discuss the awards and make predictions. As expected, Lady Gaga wanted to make the evening all about her. Dressed up as her alter ego Jo Calderone, Gaga kicked off the show with a painfully long monologue and performance. The only redeeming quality of the performance was Brian May’s (of Queen) epic guitar solo.

Perhaps the most exciting and interesting news to come out of the ceremony was Beyonce’s announcement that she and rapper Jay-Z are expecting their first child. After a shining performance of “Love on Top,” Beyonce unbuttoned her bedazzled jacket to reveal a baby bump, much to Jay-Z and Kanye’s amusement in the crowd.

Other performance highlights include a flying Chris Brown and a beautiful performance by Adele, who came up empty-handed on awards for the evening. Los Angeles rapper Tyler, The Creator received his first major award last night, winning Best New Artist for his self-produced and directed video “Yonkers.” After making his speech in front of the packed auditorium, he left the camera’s view and ended up falling off stage.

“I Just Fell On @kanyewest And Kid Cudi. Like, I’m Hurt,” he tweeted shortly after. I always appreciate live-tweeting and Tyler was a source of entertainment for me all night.


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