Don’t be surprised if you see carbon-copy clones of Joan Holloway and Don Draper walking the streets. Banana Republic just launched their Mad Men collection, and with trim fedoras, well-cut Macintosh overcoats and houndstooth dresses, it’s sure to make both ladies and gentlemen swoon. Here’s what to expect:

Sharply-cut Suits

Banana Republic is known for great tailoring, but with the Mad Men collection, their skills are exemplified to the max. Each small detail on suits from the collection — from thinner punch lapels to higher necklines on its button-up vests — can transport you back to a simpler fashion era of wearing gray, sharp suits while smoking indoors and drinking scotch on the job.

Mod Dresses (gush)

Whether you’re a simple Peggy or a saucy Joan, the BR’s Mad Men dresses give a sexy-but-elegant silhouette that demands power in the office or at the after-party. Think higher necklines,  glowing satins and subtle pleating to give an extra pop of flare. The shaping on the sleeves is impeccable, and the higher empire waist accentuates those curves.

Flashy Knick-Knacks

BR does accessories just the way they should be done: glitzy, but not too much so. Let me introduce you to the collection’s leopard print satchel. Minimal detailing, lush dark brown leather and the perfect shade of leopard print give this bag just the right sassy aesthetics. For men, it’s all about the ties and tie bars. Simple solid silks and thin diagonal stripes elegantly complement the suits. The tie bars are just the right size to pop, but not to take the focus off the entire outfit. Small engraving around the edges adds just enough detail.

The pros: ’50s and ’60s styles rise again, and in such an elegant fashion. The cons: where is the double-breasted Roger Sterling suit, BR? Ultimately, this collection is excellent for those retro-style savants and for those who love to exchange passionate glances from across the office.


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