Sparky's new crêpe machine is still being tested and seasoned. Photo by Derrick Ho.

Sparky’s ice cream is planning to serve up something warm, crispy, salty – and French – in the coming weeks as the weather gets colder.

The downtown ice cream shop just purchased a crêpe machine and is currently drawing up a new menu to serve up the French pancakes.

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but both dessert and savory crepes will likely be on the menu. “Probably a Nutella one,” said Christian Losciale, a Sparky’s employee.  As for savory ones, the plan is to keep it simple – cheese, ham and vegetables, he said. No date has been set either when they will be sold.

“The idea is that in the colder months, to have something that will draw people in,” Losciale told Vox. ”Ice cream is recession proof, but it’s not weather proof.”

Missourian File Photo

Sparky’s typically closes in January but “if we can do enough business, we’ll stay open weekends during the winter,” said Losciale. ”But that will be a game time decision for Scotty to make. It’ll be a toss up, it’ll depend on the weather and business. I’m sure the crepe machine will play into it.”

The idea  for a crêpe machine apparently sprung up out of the blue. “Things just happen. It was a couple of weeks ago that (owner Scotty) said we’ll just start doing it, ” said Losciale.

For now, the machine has to be seasoned and its staff have to be trained on how to use the machine. And oh, they’ll have to agree on how to pronounce “crêpe” too.

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