I rarely try to dress like someone else. But this Friday, I will. I want to.

This Friday, I will don a black turtleneck (even though I don’t have one yet) and a pair of blue Levis jeans. I will swap my regular TOMS for a pair of sneakers, all in memory of the genius behind the many devices that I’ve come to own – devices that have come to be an extension of my life and a catalyst to my work.

This Friday is Steve Jobs Day.

The holiday, created by a small group of Jobs fans at digital marketing firm Studiocom long before Jobs’ death five days ago, has taken on more poignancy than ever. As people all over the world mourn the loss of Apple’s former CEO and visionary, tributes are popping everywhere around the world. Perhaps nothing is quite like this.

“We admire his work,” the Steve Jobs Day website writes. “We’ve embraced his vision. And we love what he’s brought to the world. Let’d take a day to honor the man himself and say thank you. Everyone around the world is invited to participate – in real life, Facebook, Twitter, and here.”

Organizers are asking fans to remember Job’s life in real life by dressing like him, and online by talking about him online using the hashtag #stevejobsday.

Despite the simplicity of Job’s iconic outfit, replicating it to its full authenticity is, well, expensive. TIME.com reports:

Overall, Jobs’ uniform is quite easy to replicate, if you’ve got Steve Jobs-type money. The St. Croix mock turtleneck in black retails for $175 at stcroixshop.com. (The company reports that sales of its black turtlenecks have doubled since Jobs’ death) Not all is pricey, though; a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans in Medium Stonewash is currently marked down to $44 on levi.com, and a pair of gray New Balance 991 sneakers are on sale for $89 on Amazon. But you’ll have to fork over major cash for the glasses — Jobs’ specs, Lunor’s Classic Round style, go for $495.

So if you, like me, need to grab hold of a black turtleneck, here are some cheaper options:

JCPenny: A St John’s Bay one costs $11.99 online.

Macys: A John Ashford one costs $15.99 online.

Hanes: A Hanes Signature Men’s Turtleneck goes for $22.50

Banana Republic: A lady’s turtleneck retails at $59.50 online.

Let’s take a day to remember the man who was the the Thomas Edison of our time, a man whose devices are so revolutionary, yet so intuitive that that we’ve come to take it for granted.

I know what I’ll be wearing this Friday. Will you join me?

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