Photo courtesy of AMS Artists Management

“We Always Swing” JAZZ Series: Benny Green Trio Featuring Peter Washington and Kenny Washington

When: Feb. 23, 7 p.m.

Where: Reynolds Alumni Center

Cost: $17-$32
There’s another reason for local jazz fans to celebrate, as the “We Always Swing” Jazz Series presents the Benny Green Trio. Renowned jazz pianist Benny Green will be performing alongside bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington.

Though unrelated, the Washingtons share a musical chemistry that transcends blood. Benny’s strong drumming drives the set; Peter’s inventive bass work gives the music its rhythm.

In 2011, Green released a much-anticipated Trio album, which he recorded with the Washingtons. His first official studio recording since 2004, Source, included compositions from many of the finest bebop and hard bop pianists, such as the late Bud Powell and Sonny Clark.

On Feb. 23, expect lots of intuitive improvisations and chord changes from the Washingtons cued by Green.


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