Who doesn’t love trying on a mustache? Dress up the image of any person (or Pooh bear honey dispenser in my case) with accessories ranging from straw hats to glittering earrings. This app is fun for a quick distraction, or someone debating what kind of mustache to grow.



Some of my family would drive you insane with their indecisiveness. I have already forwarded this app on to a select few of them so they can get an automatic ruling from the greater public. Send out any question with this app, and people have the ability to vote thumbs up, down or neutral, and can comment for your review (and reply) later. You can also rule in on other random questions pushed out into the virtual universe. And if they like your answer, you’ll be rewarded with stars for helpful comments. Finally someone appreciates my opinion.



I have the worst luck with wine. I don’t even know if I like red or white because I haven’t had a good glass of either. There seems to be an overwhelming number of  brands and bouquets, that I just don’t know where to start. This app searches out local wine retailers and matches your tastes with wines available to you within your budget. I can’t wait to try a glass of Penfolds Shiraz (red) and Beringer Vinyards Chardonnay.



This is such an addictive app. I can’t begin to describe how many times something great happens just before my finger can click the shutter button on my phone. This app records the video footage leading up to your photo, so you have the picture and the story all together. Saturday nights just got a lot more interesting.


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