Politicians have a proclivity for odd remarks. Here’s six comments that’ll make you wonder why you elected these people in the first place.

1. Let His Eagle Soar

In addition to color-coding terrorism, John Ashcroft, former governor, senator and attorney general of the U.S., loves to croon the patriotic tunes of America. During his term in the Senate, he and three other senators formed The Singing Senators. Ashcroft also wrote a patriotic piece titled “Let the Eagle Soar,” and had no shame singing it to crowds of supporters and passersby.

This eagle’s place is in the sky.
She’s still got a lot of flying to do.
You can see it in her eye,
Though she’s cried a bit
For what we’ve put her though.

Full video: Let The Eagle Soar

No one show this to the sentimental Speaker of the House John Boehner; this stuff is dripping with patriotism.

2. Oh, Joe …

Although not a Missourian, Vice President Joe Biden’s gaffe-prone statements seep into conversations and interviews across the 50 states. At a rally in Missouri, he told State Sen. Chuck Graham, who represented the district that incorporates much of Boone County, to stand up in recognition.

“Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya.”

The problem: Senator Graham is a paraplegic. In the YouTube video, Biden has a surprisingly smooth recovery after he realizes his mistake, but he’s had plenty of practice when it comes to unfiltered comments.

God bless ya, Joe, but seriously, what are you talking about?

2. No Soup For You!

Former Missouri State Rep. Cynthia Davis wasn’t afraid to express her disdain for certain state-funded welfare projects. One of her comments, however, caught the ears of many in Missouri and across the nation, including news commentator Keith Olbermann and Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert:

“Hunger can be a positive motivator. What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals? Tip: If you work for McDonald’s, they will feed you for free during your break. [...] It really is all about increasing government spending, which means an increase in taxes for us to buy more free lunches and breakfasts.”

Free McDonald’s?! A person could just live off of Shamrock Shakes. Too bad McDonald’s only sells the sugary green delight during February and March.

3. #loseweight

Sen. Claire McCaskill has developed an impressive following on Twitter. In fact, she boasts a 64,064 tweeters, which is approximately 647.1 more followers than I have. Our Twitter accounts, however, have something in common: We both tweet about food.

The senator divorced the carb-filled foods to lose weight. A combination of healthy eating and exercise resulted helped her achieve that goal; she lost 50 pounds. McCaskill faces a tough fight in the 2012 Missouri Senate election, and it’ll be tougher for her sans delicious, buttery carbs. But when The New York Times says her “look these days is less lawmaker and more fashion magazine editor,” she should feel proud. I hear magazine editors are beautiful specimens.

She tweeted her accomplishment in November.

“GOOAALLLLLLLL!! I did it! Lost 50 lbs. Thankyou Team Charles and my new BFF…Mr Treadmill. Healthy food and lots of exercise.”

4. Crooning for his stripper

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is a man of many gaffes. National Journal ranked him one of the worst tweeters of 2011, only second to Rep. Anthony Weiner. But when a picture of him with a stripper surfaced during his short stint in the gubernatorial race, he explained the relationship with Dean Martin’s song “Let’s Be Friendly.”

Here’s what the stlouistoday.com quoted the lieutenant governing saying:

“‘My what lovely scenery, cupid’s own machinery,’” Kinder said, quoting the lyrics. “That is an innocent expression of romantic love — romantic attraction, I should say — that sort of captures the beginning of this. And then you realize that you are pursuing that in a strip club.”

5. Waterboarding: An Olympic Sport

In an interview with Gwen Ifill, former Sen. Kit Bond explained the contexts in which water boarding can be used for intelligence gathering by relating it to swimming.

“It’s like swimming, there’s different types like freestyle or the backstroke.”

During a roast in 2010 for the retiring senator, a video montage of Bond’s gaffes played for the audience. Columbia resident Kenny Hulshof, a former U.S. representative and 2008 gubernatorial candidate, quipped that “maybe we should make water boarding an Olympic sport.”

6. Lyricizing Libery

Missouri Auditor Tim Schweich rode the wave of conservative, anti-incumbent political capital to win his state office in the 2010 election. To elaborate his feelings for government bailouts and debt, he rocked out with young conservatives in his band, “Ambassador Tom and the Mortgaged Youths,” in a song titled “Gimme Back My Freedom.”

“Bailouts and debt/ They got me feelin’ dissed/ Sellin’ out my son/ To Chinese Communists.”

Who wouldn’t rock out to their respective political ideology? However, Schweich’s musical approach to garnering supporters backfired. The song sounded similar to “Bohemian Like You,” a chart from one of Schweich’s favorite bands, The Dandy Warhols. Court documents revealed that then-candidate Schweich approached the band for permission to put together a parody. The band had said no, and the evidence helped The Dandy Warhols win their case.

Because he lost, that gem of a campaign song is gone forever. The YouTube link says that the video is no longer available due to copyright claims by Kings, Holmes and Paternos, the lawyers defending the Dandy Warhols.

We look forward to hearing more rock jams about auditing the state and local government.

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