Next week MU, Columbia College, Stephens College and Columbia Public schools will all be on spring break. Plane tickets have been purchased, hotel rooms booked, itineraries set and carpools arranged. You probably already have a plan for where you are going or how you will be spending the week, but what about a plan for the things you will be leaving at home?

We put together a quick list of tips on what you can do before you leave town to ensure a stress free homecoming.

How to:

1. Stop your mail
Fill out a hold mail form online or in person and the post office will hold your mail anywhere from 3-30 days.

2. Stop your newspaper
Call the Missourian circulation desk at 573-882-5700 or go online and select the”I’d like to start or suspend delivery of the paper” option from the drop down menu.

3. Request a vacation “watch in passing” from the Columbia Police Department.
Officers will drive by your house more frequently to check on how it is doing while you are out of town. Sign up on their website at least three days before you plan to go out of town or call 573-874-7652 to submit your request.

4. Hook up lights to automatic timers and have the lights come on and off at random times. For extra security set up a TV or radio on a timer.

5. Double check that all smoke detectors are properly working.

6. Turn down the volume of your home phone so that it cannot be heard from outside your house.

7. Inventory your valuables if you are going to leave them behind – take that list with you or put it in a safe place.


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