Yesterday’s loss in the NCAA tournament was a blindsided hit-and-run that came at the end of an otherwise stellar season. I imagine the majority of the Missouri population is waking up late with groggy eyes, moping and depressed like after a bad breakup. Luckily for all of your mental well beings, I am a native Clevelander. My brother and I held each other in our tiny child arms as we cried after the Indians lost the ’95 World Series, and I  the TV, mouth agape, when LeBron took his talents to South Beach. The Browns…well. You know. For my whole life, I’ve been continually let down by the sports teams I most loved. Today I woke up, had a big yawn and enjoyed my coffee with a spring in my step to help all of you battle your March Sadness. With these Tumblrs, it’ll be hard not to fix up that frown.

Eye On Springfield

An homage to one of the funniest and longest-running TV shows of all time, Eyes On Springfield captures the genius that is The Simpsons best one-liners, scenes and oh-so-clever subtleties.

Rap Industry Fan Fiction

I have nothing to say that would fully encompass the true amazingness of Rap Industry Fan Fiction, so here’s an excerpt of what you’ll find:

“Gucci Mane ends up in space.

Gucci Mane had no idea why he ate the magic beans. They were sitting there on the ground, looking not particularly appealing, but he had not eaten in some time.

Fortunately for Gucci Mane, his intuitions had been proven correct. The magic beans had cured his hunger. Unfortunately for Gucci Mane, the magic beans had also caused his body to increase in size to approximately thirty times of that of the earth. Gucci Mane was not afraid, however. Standing alone in the solar system was yet another road on the super trill adventure that was life. That he could also breathe in space did not surprise him. …”

Please. Just read it. “Hair of the dog.”

Perez Hamilton

The sassiness (and MS Paint drawings) of star blogger Perez Hilton turns history into a gossip column. It’ll getcha laughing AND learning!
Honorable mentions:

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