With the exception of a few chilly early mornings, summer weather looks as if it is here to stay! Take full advantage of the beautiful weather while also doing your body a favor – hit the Columbia trails for a walk, jog or run! Check out these great destination trails that run all over Columbia:

  • Bear Creek Trail is a 4.8 mile trail that runs from Cosmo Park to Albert-Oakland Park
  • County House Trail spans 2 miles from the MKT Trail to Stadium Blvd.
  • Hinkson Creek Trail runs 4.25 miles, from the MKT Trail to the Grindstone Nature Area
  • MKT Nature and Fitness Trail is a whopping 8.9 miles running from Flat Branch Park to Katy Trail State park
  • South Providence Pedway is a 1.7 mile trail that runs from Old Plank Road to Green Meadows Road

Take a friend or a pup to accompany you on your journey. Working out with a buddy can help the time go faster.


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