Some watermelons have been recalled due to a Salmonella concern. photo from

The salmonella outbreaks lately have made watermelons an undesirable fruit for the rest of the summer.

Chamberlain Farms is recalling all the cantaloups and watermelons they distributed this past summer. According to a recent statistic, the salmonella outbreak has killed three people and made more than 200 people sick.

Consumers need to be careful when we purchasing watermelons. The melons that being recalled have a sticker says. “Indian Hills–Product of USA,” according to the press release. If you have purchased a melon with that kind of sticker in the past, you can return the watermelons for a full refund.

Schnucks is one of the retailers that sell those melons from the Chamberlain farm. After they received the notice of the recall, they withdrew the cantaloups and watermelons from their stores. They also put a notice statement on the watermelons that are safe for consumption.

So, how does one really prevent salmonella poisoning?

Always wash the outside of fruits and vegetables. The symptoms are very similar to a flu infection. If you develop symptoms after consuming contaminated fruits, see a doctor immediately.

Also, if you have recalled melons at home, you should return them ASAP of toss them out. It is not a good deal to risk your health for a recalled watermelon.

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