Movies and TV shows are great, but there’s nothing like seeing an actor or actress mess up a line, drop an f-bomb or collapse into a fit of giggles. That’s why I love gag reels. They’re a hilarious reminder that Hollywood celebrities aren’t perfect. So, if you’re feeling down, here are some bloopers to make you laugh and lift your spirits.


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1. Star Trek

Fun things to do while watching these bloopers: count how many times Zachary Quinto says, “Oh my God” and try to listen to J.J. Abrams tap on his microphone without losing your mind. Also, neither Zachary Quinto nor Chris Pine are very good at accents.

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2. The Hangover

I thought this movie had reached the peak of ridiculousness. The gag reels proved me wrong. The amount of improvisation, especially between Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, will make you laugh but also go insane.

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3. Will Ferrell Bloopers

I couldn’t pick which Will Ferrell movie gag reel to include, and then I thought, why can’t I just pick them all? It’s hilarious to see what amount of Ferrell’s improvisation didn’t make it into theaters.


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1. Friends

I learned a lot about the popular cast of Friends from watching these bloopers. Matthew Perry is exactly like Chandler, David Schwimmer’s voice is still cracking, and Lisa Kudrow has a very infectious laugh.

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2. Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler’s laugh alone is enough to make you smile, but what I appreciate the most about these gag reels is the opportunity to see Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) laugh.

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3. Grey’s Anatomy

For once, you get to see the actors and actresses in Grey’s Anatomy do something other than cry, yell at one another or have sex. They’re actually very cheerful people.

There are many more bloopers to enjoy either on YouTube or on DVD extras. Be sure to keep track of time or you might, I don’t know, spend four hours in the afternoon just watching gag reels when you should have been doing homework. True story.


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