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1. Double lining
We all know liquid and gel eyeliners are more long-lasting and smudge-proof, but when it comes to application it can be no less than a pain in the butt. We suggest to line your eyes with a pencil liner first, then top it with either gel or liquid eyeliner. It’s not only easier that way, but also guarantees stronger staying power.

2. Blowing hot and cold is a big no no
Your pores aren’t as flexible as you thought. Don’t be tempted to splash steaming hot water on your delicate face despite the chilly weather. Because the cold air that follows will not shrink your pores — but it will definitely dry out your skin. If you have sensitive skin, blotchiness and redness might also appear, too.

3. Alternate your skincare routine
Your skin will get used to a certain skincare product, so rotating them and feeding your skin with new ingredients are pivotal. Nonetheless, note that even if you have unlimited money to splurge, you still shouldn’t change your beauty routine too frequently because even the most active ingredients take time to react with your skin.

4. Blot your face with Starbucks napkins…moderately
I’m not kidding. They work just as well as your Sephora blotting paper — except that they’re free. So why the hell not? If you feel like you’re “stealing,” drop a quarter or two next time you get your Chai tea latte! But don’t overly blot your face either; a completely “oil-free” face would secrete more oil to counter the dryness.

5. Stay away from the roots
When it comes to moisturizing, knowing where to put the product is key: Only moisturize the ends of your hair and not the roots. Because that’d only add additional oil to your scalp, and the last thing you want is excessive shine that makes you look like you haven’t showered for days. Also, too much product at your hair roots would accumulate over time and weigh down your locks eventually — au revoir volume!

We hope these short and easy tips are handy to you; share with us below what some of your beauty secrets are!


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