For me, there’s something about saying goodbye to a show that’s akin to saying goodbye to a pet. You’ve watched the show develop. You’ve learned its quirks, its good habits and its bad habits. It’ll make you laugh, and even though it sometimes frustrates you, you still love it. Unfortunately, all TV shows must end…unless it’s America’s Funniest Home Videos apparently. Here are the three shows ending this season that I will be sorry to say farewell to.

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1. “The Office

After Steve Carell left I already had a coffin picked out for the show. Then, miraculously, “The Office” had an unexpected surge, a last hurrah, and got really, really funny. Andy (Ed Helms) was a fun new regional manager, and the addition of Catherine Tate was very wise. Unfortunately, no matter how much denial I am in, the show and all of it’s humor will be done after this season.

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2. “30 Rock”

I was a skeptic when I started watching “30 Rock.” But then, Tina Fey’s quirkiness, Alec Baldwin’s conservative humor and Jane Krakowski’s odd pronunciation of the word “camera” (ca-mah-rah), won me over. But let’s be honest, it seemed as if the show has become a little stagnant in recent seasons, so maybe it’s best to quit while you’re ahead.

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3. “Fringe”

Frankly, I’m surprised the show lasted as long as it did. I mean, how successful can a show be with questionable special effects, alternate dimensions and bald guys from the future? Personally, I loved the show, but I sensed an end was approaching near the end of season 3. Things were starting to work out for Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) relationship, and Walter (John Noble) was getting less and less dependent on others. Now the show is just tying up loose ends before it’s all over in January.

Rest in peace, dear shows, and may new and better shows rise up to take your places.

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