Wish we were invited to their dinner parties. Photo: AP

If you were watching the second inauguration of President Barack Obama this morning, you probably noticed a particular couple standing out among the masses. While the POTUS and FLOTUS did not disappoint, hip-hop’s king and queen might have stolen the show. Jay-Z and Beyonce had front-row seats this morning, and their entrance to the inaugural platform drew huge cheers from the crowd. The duo is known to be friends of the Obama’s and was present at the 2009 inauguration as well. Last year, Beyonce sang Etta James’ “At Last” at one of the many Inaugural balls.

Bey and Jay arrive at the ceremony. Photo: AP

Beyonce had the honor of wrapping up the festivities on the capitol steps with her U.S. Marine Band-backed performance of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Donning a long black Pucci gown, emerald earrings and bright orange nails, it was hard not to notice queen Bey. In fact, the cameras were glued to her and husband, Jay, as they exited the platform among the crowd formed by congressman, former presidents, members of Congress and more who exchanged pleasantries and snapped pictures with the stars.

Power lungs in front of political power. Photo: AP

Do you think the celebrity of Beyonce and Jay-Z overshadowed the importance of the day? Or was it the perfect complement to the festivities?

Photo: AP

Post written by Megan Madden.

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