I never thought I’d say it, but chia seeds are blowing up right now. Yes, the same chia seeds that make Chia Pets grow.

Apparently, everyone from athletes to Whole Foods addicts to Dr. Mehmet Oz have jumped on the trend.

So what’s the craze all about?  According to Pittsburgh Magazine, as compared ounce for ounce with turkey, this is how the seeds measure up:

Photo: sxc.hu

Protein: Chia = 4 g. / Turkey = 5 g.

Fiber: Chia= 11 g. / Turkey = ZERO g.

Omega-3: Chia = 4915 mg. / Turkey – 7mg

Alright so the seeds are healthy, but how exactly do you serve them? Well, the biggest thing right now is chia seed pudding, but that requires work. Really, you can just grind the seeds up and put them in a juice or smoothie or sprinkle them on top of yogurt or food. They’re relatively tasteless. Let your food creativity shine.

Also, as a side note, people love any Instagram post featuring chia seeds.

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2 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia seeds

  1. Hi Ashley, thanks for great info about Chia Seeds. It can be used in any of your favorite foods.

    This is how I serve Chia seeds:

    1. Add them to your Green Smoothies. Because chia seeds absorb liquid, adding them to your favorite smoothie can be a great way to get the fiber and protein you need in your diet. Here’s a tip! When adding chia to a smoothie recipe, first pour water into your blender and add the chia directly. Let the chia absorb some of the water for 5 minutes. This will activate the chia and turn it into a gel. Then proceed by adding your favorite fruits and vegetables (for green smoothies).

    2. Use chia seeds in deserts. There are endless possibilities with deserts but chia puddings seem to be very popular.

    3. Make your favorite yogurt crunchy by adding some chia seeds!

    4. Add chia seeds to flour when baking your favorite bread!

    5. Add chia seeds to your favorite Vegetable stir fry!

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