Brooklyn Pizzeria

Look for the new Brooklyn Pizzeria next time you're walking along Cherry Street, between Harpos and Subway. Photo by Lauren Quick.

A previous version of this blog post incorrectly referred to the restaurant as Brooklyn Pizza. It is actually called Brooklyn Pizzeria and is not in any way affiliated with Brooklyn Pizza in Fulton, Mo.

If you’ve been on Cherry Street lately, you’ve probably noticed the new green awning announcing the new Brooklyn Pizzeria opening next to Harpo’s.

Owner Rush Kikhia says he hopes to open the restaurant on March 19.

Brooklyn Pizzeria will feature pizza by the slice, calzones, subs and pasta.

We know what you’re wondering — will this new pizza vendor add to the abundance of late-night eats in Columbia? You’re in luck. Brooklyn Pizzeria will be open until midnight on weekdays and until 2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. If you constantly work up an appetite at Harpo’s, there is now a solution.

Kikhia previously owned Nikia, a Mediterranean restaurant in town. That may carry over into his new endeavor, as he is considering baking pastries such as baklava every now and then. He also plans to make an apple and cinnamon dessert pizza.

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2 Responses to Brooklyn Pizzeria scheduled to open Tuesday

  1. Adam says:

    As a New Yorker I must say this is the worst pizza I have ever had. The owner was screaming crazy and made me nervous waiting for a pizza. This is not NY pizza it more like typical emos pizza wanna be brooklyn style with cheap sauce and cheap cheese…they should be embarrased to say this pizza represents brooklyn ny… Just came back from NY and Shakespeares pizza is 10x better than this place. Horrible this is not your ny italian style pizza… They will be out of business soon a give it 6 months…

  2. Synthia Szymczak says:

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    Till next time

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