Stop wasting your money on Chipotle delivery

Sure, you can get Chipotle to your door. But it'll cost the same as ordering two steak burritos, with guacamole, with a drink and a tip for dine-in. You do the math. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Food delivery start-up Postmates will deliver Chipotle to your door, for a very pretty penny. Don't waste your bread on overpriced burritos, spend it on something awesome. Like a megaphone

Raw deals

Erica Potucek of Golden L. Creamery poses for a portrait at the Columbia Farmers Market at the Activity and Recreation Center on Saturday, April 11, 2015.
Photo by Timothy Tai/ Missourian

From Gouda to cheddar, Golden L Creamery milks Columbia's dairy industry for all it's worth.