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Road-tripping through Missouri


Vox writers traveled southeast to Swiss, south to Devil's Elbow, west to Lexington, north to Rutledge, and dozens of places in between.

Along Providence

Photo by Shannon Elliott

"Behold, now, another Providence..." -William Bradford, American Colonist, 1590-1657

Between two pews

The Second Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1866.
Photo by Lauren Kastner.

<p class="p2">For Mary Ratliff, the Second Baptist Church is a sanctuary and a platform for change</p>

Sowing season

Through the Opportunity Gardens program, low-income families are taught during three growing seasons to learn how to cultivate their own gardens.
Photo by Neeta Satam

In a small garden along Providence Walkway, seeds preserve the past and nurture the future

A new education

Douglass High School was renamed twice. Originally Cummings Academy, it was renamed Excelsior School and finally Douglass, after Fredrick Douglass, in 1898. Photo by Shannon Elliott

<p class="p2">Neighboring students join together after being divided for decades</p>

A tale of two Taco Bells

Photo courtesy of Shannon Elliot

<p class="p1">The intersection of community, culture and fast food<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span><b> </b></p>

Striking a bond

David Williams spends as much time at the bowling alley as possible. When he isn’t playing a game, he is helping coach local kids on Saturday mornings. Photo by Shannon Elliott

<p class="p2">Just off of Providence Road, a weekly bowling team upholds decades of tradition</p>

Rebuilding home

Photo courtesy of the State Historical Society of Missouri

Public housing has seen transformations since the 1950s