Adam’s Eve

Adam’s Eve is the original tale of boy meets girl, but this modern retelling leaves out the fig leaves you’ll find in the Genesis version.

It has the heart of a love story, the soul of the classic Bible story and the brain of a comedy.

The play, written by Matthew Carlin in 2008, tells the story of Adam, a modern-day bachelor. One day, he opens his closet and is surprised by a woman who jumps out and proclaims that God has sent her to be his soul mate.

“I can understand how some people might be a little scared of the religious implication,” says Valarie Davis, stage manager and vice president of Maplewood Barn. “But it’s really more about the comedy of having a person thrown into your life who you didn’t expect to have thrown into your life.”

Take it as you like, a religious tale not to be taken lightly or a light-hearted rom-com, but no one can deny that a woman jumping out of your closet sounds like an interesting way to start the day. – Dominique Feldman

Event Information

Where: Maplewood Barn Theatre
When: July 2 and 3; July 5 and 6; July 10–13, 8 p.m.
Cost: $1–7
Call: 227-2276