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Fractured fairy tales in pop culture

Putting a twist on classic stories

October 25, 2012 | 12:00 a.m. CST

A recurring trend in pop culture is to fracture fairy tales. Fractured stories twist or modify the familiar to give us a new perspective. Usually, this means the story is told through another character’s point of view, roles are reversed or the plot is set in a different time period.

Once Upon a Time and Grimm (TV):

Without scary woods or beasts stealing precious sheep, what are the terrors of the modern world? Once Upon a Time brings several stories together but plops the plots in a modern setting. In Grimm, a police detective develops the ability to see supernatural creatures all around us.

Snow White and the Huntsman (Movie, 2012):

This movie reverts to the tale’s melancholy roots when the mirror tells the Queen that she will be immortal if she eats Snow White’s heart. It adds a horrifying twist when the vain Queen sucks the life out of anyone more beautiful than herself.

Red Riding Hood (Movie, 2011):

Adding a dark dose of mythology, this version turns the wolf into a werewolf and proves danger can lurk among even those we trust most.

Enchanted (Book, 2012):

Author Alethea Kontis blends several tales into one in this story about Sunday, the youngest of seven children. Sunday has a knack for writing stories that come true, and she befriends a frog who turns into a prince.

The Bloody Chamber (Stories,1979):

This collection of 10 short stories remains true to the tale’s bloody beginnings but adds a feminine twist. Instead of a prince saving the day, other women come to the aid of the damsel and kill her wrongdoers.

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