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Q & A with Michael Nye

Nye offers insight into the thought process behind his collection

December 20, 2012 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Why did you choose the short story form?
With a short story, you are with a character for about 20 pages or so. A short story is going for one particular specific emotion.

What began your interest in literary fiction?
I love narrative. I love watching a character get to a decision where everything is changed permanently. I am interested in the way word choice can create an image in a person’s mind.

Stratagies Against Extinction

Publisher: Queen’s Ferry Press
Cost: $10.35
Release date: Now available
Where to buy:
Local bookshops
Barnes & Noble

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Why do you think reading is a special form of entertainment?
When you and I are reading, we imagine a character very differently. When you see a movie, for instance, everyone always sees the character the same way. That appeals to me as a writer, that you’re always getting something very different even though the words on the page stay the same.

What steps did you take to get your book published?
I made a list of about 75-100 small presses in an Excel file and then narrowed it down to the ones whose aesthetic was similar to mine. Each of these small presses has a window where they’re willing to read submissions from authors. I just happened to be very lucky in that one of the presses, Queen’s Ferry Press, was supportive of my work. After that, it all came together rather quickly.

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